All you need to know about Venus Factor

The Venus Factor is a highly result oriented comprehensive weight loss program that is leaving its impression on the entire fitness landscape. Brainchild of maverick fitness genius John Barban is a complete manual dealing with the nuances of weight loss in methodical manner. The program comprises of four distinct parts designed to condition and streamline your body and mind step by step. The Venus factor book is a complete guide that delves into the essence of the program at large.

Man behind the fitness regime

The program is developed and conceived by one of the most revered fitness expert John Barban. The author possesses a degree in nutrition and biology from one of the most reputed universities in the US. His credentials and abilities are beyond doubt. His maverick approach is reflected in the compilation of the program.

baba-metrIt works for

  • It works for women for all fitness levels
  • Ladies post pregnancy
  • Females of all ages

It does not work for

  •  Men
  • Females who are shy of doing workout on regular basis

Components of Venus Factor

The Venus Factor fat loss diet guide: A comprehensive health manual, Venus factor book lays a great emphasis on a wholesome meal rich in all vital nutrients. It also dispels many food fads and misconceptions and imparts a new perspective on healthy eating and losing weight simultaneously.


The Venus Factor fat burning 12-week workout program: As the name suggest, the second component of the program is a work out regime aims at burning excessive fat deposition in your body. Application software guides you through your entire workout session.


The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist: The E program comes loaded with a virtual nutritionist that would guide your diet and workout regime during the program.

The Venus Index Podcast: The program has another unique feature in form of Venus Index Podcast that assists and motivates you at the time when you need inspiration desperately.

Possible side effects

The clinical trials have ruled out any potential side effects of the E program.

Duration of the regimen

The most striking feature of the E weight loss program is that it has the potential to deliver results from the day one. However, the positive results get more pronounced and visible by the time you reach the fag end of the program. The program takes 12 weeks to compete and is phased out on weekly basis.


The E program is high on features and functionality, but amazingly low on price.

Get it online

For your convenience, the program is available online. You can lay your hands on the program by logging to the official website of Venus Factor. The process of placing an order is simple and you can easily download the program.

Safe payment gateway

In association with Clickbank, Venus Factor offers you safe and secure payment gateway for all the transactions you make in lieu of the purchase. Moreover, your transaction details would not be shared with any third party.


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